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The Magnificent Severn

Welcome to the Magnificent Severn Storywalks.

This tale is written by Chloe B, Tilly, Madison, Kyle, Aoibhinn, Keegan, Chloe C

For support see the instructions button below and also the 'help' button to the right of the locked chapter. If you accidentally reset the walk and close the chapters, then use this button to re-open them.

At Severn Beach walk up the path opposite Downs Bakery to the sea front and stop at the sculpture of the stone suitcase.
Chapter one

The Floating House

One sunny morning, in Severn Beach a huge storm appeared in the sky. The clouds started to go from white, to grey, to black and hail started to fall down, down, down onto the ground. Suddenly, a huge tsunami came smashing over the sea wall and started flooding the whole of Severn Beach.

Sophie quickly grabbed her suit case ready to climb up to the top of her house to keep safe from the flood but she remembered that she had left her Miss Cutie Bones in her bedroom. She held her breath, 'Huuurrrr' dived into the water, and grabbed her bunny. After holding her breath 'Hurgh, hurgh, hurgh, hurgh, hurgh, hurgh' she climbed onto the roof.

The hail started splashing down and the stones were so big that when they fell onto the flood everyone was splashed in the face. It had been hard not to be splashed. Some people had to make a huge ladder out of bamboo and some strong twigs to be tied together with some left over string from their houses. Once they were on top of their houses they used the bamboo to make two huge paddles from a canoe to steer the house around.

After all of the chaos was done there was still trouble to come. In the distance, there was a huge blood red lobster. Sophie, the girl who was sat on top of her house, thought it was a crab but as she steered the house closer it became more clear to what it was. IT WAS A HUGE BLOOD RED LOBSTER!

Suddenly, the paddles became weaker and started to break and fall apart. Sophie was out of ideas. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't think. At last she came up with a genius idea. She would climb down the windows and paddle with the floating twigs left over in the flood.

Unfortunately, the lobster was quickly coming towards them, so they had no time to waste. After a while, the giant lobster had enough of chasing the floating house with Sophie and went back into the sea and had a sleep. In his sleep he had some weird dream and sleep walked very slowly near the shore by the sea wall. He walked about a millimeter a step.
As you face the estuary take the path to the right, over the little bridge to the bench on the sea wall.
Chapter two

Sally the Sugar Glider

Day 2:
The day after the devastating storm hit Severn Beach, the destructive lobster was still wrecking cars, schools and even stain-glass church windows! A Sugar Glider called Sally, who had been resting in Severn Beach after falling from the blue sky, whilst migrating, had injured her ear and her membrane wing. Sally had been given fresh water and yummy food by caring people working at Downs bakery. Niki who worked there had been giving Sally a tub of fresh water and a bowl of cake everyday.

Sally had also been given a bandage to fix her wing. She had been helped by the people so
she wanted to help them. So Sally called the pine cone monsters and they brought a 10ft tall and 10ft wide pine cone. Then they pushed the cone onto the lobster's head. Then Sally noticed that the lobster had passed out and then she was filled with glee!

Follow the path along with the estuary on your left.
Chapter three

The Statue

One beautiful, sunny day, in a land far away from Severn Beach, a large, snow white bird who was called Phoenix was eating some delicious, juicy fruit . Suddenly, a huge rain cloud glided across the bright, golden sun and rain began to fall! Phoenix flapped her wings hard and flew into the dark ,murky sky.

Meanwhile,in Severn Beach ,the giant lobster called Claude, crawled out of the dirty, stagnant water ! The people were scared because Claude had hurt them many times before.He now smashed everything that he hadn't smash before. People were running, screaming "Arghhhhh!" and hiding. Suddenly, Phoenix saw Claude smash the sacred rose statue! "Oh no!" she gasped quietly.

As soon as Claude got a couple meters away, Phoenix glided down and examined the beautiful but broken statue. “I could fix this with some help !”she said excitedly.

A few days later,Phoenix had found some help.This included a beautiful cat , a little grasshopper,a large dog and a cute,tiny mouse.Phoenix told them them the plan and they set to work.
They ran through some tall ,emerald green grass and inside a small,dark cave.Cat ran off and found a beautiful,ruby red rose, that was lying on the ground.Then Phoenix flew off with Dog, held tightly but gently in her strong, powerful talons to find some clay, while the mouse looked for some super glue.Eventually,when they all got back, Dog and Cat found a grey concrete base for the statue . Then, working together, they all helped to glue the new statue onto the base. Dog bounded off to find some red and green paint and some brushes. When he came back ,he handed round the stuff and they set to work . Just over an hour later, they had finished painting the statue. " Thank you!" exclaimed Phoenix,happily.
Turn around and head towards the new cafe. Walk down the steps to the cherry tree where the next part of the story will reveal.
Chapter four

The Horde of the Lobster Called Claude

The violent storm continued for several days and the lobster was now competing with a massive T-Rex tree. It was a frightening sight to see.Suddenly the giant lobster named Claude ripped off the skin of the tyrannosaurus' legs then tried to crush its leg bones. Fortunately for the T-Rex he didn't! The fight was glorious, deadly and even heroic.

As quick as a flash a cherry blood eating zombie swept off an extremely long monkey tail.He swung and swung and swung until he eventually leapt off the tail onto the hard but cracked lobster shell.The cherry blood eating zombie threw some of his cherries at the giant lobsters eyeballs.

With a squeeze the zombie drooped a blob of cherry blood into the pupil of the lobster's eye that stunned and blinded him.
With the estuary to your left walk under the unusual metal barrier and along the tarmac path. The next chapter will reveal at the four pine trees a little along the trail.
Chapter five

Pine Cone Planet!

While the battle between the Zombie and the Giant Lobster was happening, a man was lying down on the pine swing, which gets it's name by being between 2 pine trees.

One hour later, a baby pine cone fell from the tree but it kept growing... and growing and growing and growing? Until it was taller and bigger than the world!!! It squished the man's leg, and he ran to his boat and he sped away. Everyone, tall and small, climbed onto the huge sectionized pine cone (except the brother of the story writer) "OK!" shouted Mrs.Panting,"We will run the pine cone into space." So they did.They ran so fast that a gorilla picked it up and threw it into space."Thank you everyone," said Emma. (the best friend of the story writer.)

But what they didn't know was that the pine cone planet made tiny pine cone eggs that hatched into tiny monsters.
"Bla blee blee bla!" said the leader. That means 'Let's destroy the earth! 'Dun dun dun! So the monsters traveled to earth. They landed with a giant scream,

"Why are you doing this!?" shouted Chloe.B and C. at the same time, like they planned it.
"Bla blee bloo blaa!" the monsters said.
"Uh, OK? Please stop," Mrs.Panting said, "We made your planet!"
Immediatly they all stopped.
" Can you help us please?"the people asked.
The monsters agreed to through a giant pine cone at the lobsters head.Then he passed out.
Continue along the path.
Chapter six

Big Bad Barry's back

The huge red lobster who is called Big Bad Barry wandered around until he saw a mysterious looking tree. It looked just like a T. Rex with its rough, brown bark. When Big Bad Barry slowly walked past the tree, lobster heard a crackle, although he didn't realize that the noise was the tree turning.

After he had walked some more, he suddenly noticed that it was totally silent, there were no birds singing sweetly, no rustling from the fragrant rose bushes, there was nothing! Lobster continued walking along the soft, grassy area when all of a sudden from out of nowhere he heard “ ROOAARR.”
As quick as a flash, he turned back around trying to scare it. By pinching.But the trex just charged and jumped on the lobster trying to break its exo skeleton the lobster pushed the trex off. The angry trex quickly ran back the bright red deadly lobster and bit his tail.

It was to strong and flung him off almost breaking his legs. He craked a part of the violent lobsters exo skeleton he took his chance and ripped the trexs 3 ft long arms off and the trex roared "rooooooaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr." As loud as some one shouting in a mega phone. The trex came in and bit the riper claw almost crushing it “eeeecccchhhh!”the lobster screamed. the lobster crushed the trexs legs and it's bleeding from its arms and legs the lobster hit the kill blow. By grabbing on to his neck with his crusher claw crushing its wind pipe. Also bursting it and then braking it by turning it when he dropped it and crawled away.

Blood is everywhere from the T-rex, the lobster knew the Trex was dead but it grabbed back with its violent crusher claw dislocating the jaw of the T-rex and then ripping his head off.
Turn around and head back to the sea wall ramp, this is where the final chapter will reveal.
Chapter seven

The Lobster's Doom

A year later, when the fierce, blood red, giant lobster was still stomping through Severn Beach the sugar glider called Sally, had hurt her wing and healed from the sugary biscuits at Down's bakery.

Over the last few weeks, Sally had seen several people make attempts to destroy the giant beast but had unfortunately all failed. Because of this the young sugar glider was even more determined to destroy it.

Within a few minutes, Sally had a good idea. "I will wait until my friends migrate
over Severn beach which should happen soon and then ask for help!" exclaimed Sally.

Later that day, Sally went into Down's bakery to get some food. Sally waited a few more weeks until finally the other sugar gliders passed over. “ Come! Come and help me," called Sally to all of the other sugar gliders at the top of her voice.

The other sugar gliders noticed Sally's voice and then they noticed the giant lobster. “Oh no, we need to go down and help Sally and the people”, cried one of the sugar gliders.

Without a second thought, the rest of the sugar gliders flew down. “Please help me get rid of this giant lobster because it is destroying everyone and everything. We need to help the people,” explained Sally.
"All right," replied all of the other sugar gliders.

As quick as the flash, all of the sugar gliders sped at the giant lobster and knocked it towards the water. Together the sugar gliders made a wave and sent the lobster floating away .All of the people were very happy and the sugar gliders became the new heroes of Severn beach.
To finish please head back to the suitcase sculpture and place a single pebble on the ledge for each person in your party. thank you for reading our story, and watch out there's a lobster behind you!
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