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Giants Daughter Scarlet

These story's have been written by pupils from Severn Beach Primary school.

The Giants Daughter by

Sage, Sukhi, Abigail, Kyle, Mauricio and Emilijus

The giant had been slain years before and his daughter, the heir of his estates has finally decided to move back in. She is going to take control by turfing out all the old fusty decorations and throw them off cloud castle rampart, which fall into the Severn estuary.

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Go to the suitcase sculpture in Severn Beach village for this trail to begin.
Chapter one

The Giant's Daughter

The Giant's daughter hated the castle she had inherited after her father fell off the beanstalk. He was a cruel man who took pleasure in singing the old family song

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread

And bread he baked, but more than this he also baked cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes which she still missed. He was famous across the sky for his Belgian buns ( made with real Belgians of course) and French stick loaves ( made with French cyclists legs) and Cornish pasties ( made with Cornish miners)

But to be honest she was pleased to have the castle to herself, it was time she made some changes and over the next few days she decided to clear the castle of all the old junk which her father had hoarded.
Chapter two

So she ordered

So she ordered the servants to clear out the west wing and haul all the furniture and decorations outside and place them on the castle drive. She looked at it all, swords, shields, tapestries, paintings and without a twinge of regret nodded to the servant to begin.

Then the giant's daughter got to work revamping the west wing, she plastered and painted throughout, all white and bright, none of the old dark fusty colours. The halls became sleek and modern, open plan with sparse pieces of black leather furniture interspersed with coffee tables and angle poised lamps. Magazines of stylish interiors were neatly piled everywhere and centrally in the room stood a very large curved TV.

She sat down in one of her new chrome edged recliners with a view across a gently rolling cloudscape, from here she could clearly see the servants struggling with the furniture as they took piece after piece to the edge then pushed it off to litter the land below.
Chapter three

This is what happened

And this is what happened far below on the land and estuary around Severn Beach.
Walk to the sea wall and then south (put the sea on you right.)
Chapter four

The Mirror, Cart and Chair

One Saturday, there lived two little children called Lucy and Rosy, and they lived in Avonmouth. Lucy had her brown hair swayed into her sun like yellow eyes because of the way that the wind blew. Rosy's dress had little black and dark red frills and the top half was very beautiful like little lovely flowers.

One day, Lucy and Rosy decided to go to there BFF Adam and Eve's house as well they live in Avonmouth. They were patently waiting outside in the dark for Lucy and Rosy. Adam and Eve were hungry. Luckily in Eve's pocket she had a snickers bar. Eve snapped the snickers bar in halve.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a gold, rusty cart and a gold mirror that had a creepy, scary fish eye on the top.Lucy and Rosy saw the cart and mirror come down and, destroy the house + it affected Adam and Eve by hurting them. Then Lucy gasped well running to her BFF's "Oh on!" One of Lucy's shoe fell of so Rosy went to see if Lucy was OK .Then Rosy said "Are you OK?"
"I'm good thank you Rosy now you need to help Adam and Eve to see if they're OK," said Lucy as she pinched her to tell her. Lucy got her stuff and went to help Rosy with Adam and Eve.

Then Lucy and Rosy got 1,000,000,000 people to build the house and to move the giant, creepy and scary cart and mirror.

Then all 1,000,000,000 people saw a rusty, metal chair about to fall on Lucy and Rosy's house and all the people thought the same thing.

So all the people went to save Lucy and Rosy's house to save them time. Once they rescued there house they carried on with the broken house. At last it was finally completed "Yahoo Yahoo! It's finally finished. Thank you people thank you," said Adam and Eve at the same time. All the people felt their heart beat very fast, One of the 1,000,000,000 people nearly stepped on gold glasses. The person did a leap and a beak popped out of the gold glasses. Then Lucy was about to step on the glasses when that person said loudly "NO STOP!"

After it was built Adam, Eve, Lucy and rosy played hide and seek tag. They thought that they should quickly break the chair, mirror and cart. Then they realized that the cart, mirror and chair. then they saw a horse about to drown, so Lucy and Rosy went to save the horse in the nick of time because the horse slipped on black, snowy, feathery sea-weed. And they lived happily ever after.

The End! Thank you all for reading! Now go and find the next thing for enough story!
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter five

The Eagles Tale

One, hot, dry day, a golden, large, and ferocious Eagle spread its giant wings and the eagle shot off of his rocky cliff and hovered above the dusty desert floor because he was looking for a juicy lamb for his family. He headed for the local farm and spotted the lamb field.

The eagle arrived and the farmer panicked so he got his shotgun and tried to shoot the Eagle! Fortunately for the eagle, he missed. Soon the eagle had the lamb so his family could have a feast. Later that night, they had finished with the lamb the Eagles soon went to sleep.

Above the sleeping family of eagles, the giants daughter yelled "push that fossil off now!"
So the the servant did what she said he hauled the giant fossil off the cloud."BANG!" onto the cliff so the Eagle fell off of the cliff and didn't realize because he was sleeping. He went,THUD! Onto the ground and broke his wing.

Without a second thought the farmer went for a walk over the hills to walk his dog. 2 hours later the farmer got to the cliff and saw the Eagle on the floor so he decided to take the eagle to the farm to take care of him. Later that year the eagle got sent back into the wild and have his Eagle life in full.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter six

The Magical Gym Bars

One afternoon, there was a crash in a city called Cambridge city. The crash was caused by rather shiny, very dirty gym bars. It fell to the floor like a dead bird. The dim sunlight was shining over the closed shoppes. A girl walked towards the gym bars . Her name was Nim. She has a little brother called Jack he had chocolate brown eyes and dark ginger hair. Jack said ."What shall we do with it, it is just lying there!"

"I know !" someone said it was Mia there other sister she had light blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

"How about we take it to dad's garage?" After Mia said that Nims bright green eyes shone as she looked up.

Then, there was a stomp from high above on a dark , green and wiry beanstalk . It was a GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!

her hair was bunched up in a messy high ponytail her lips were as thick as a plum and her mud brown eyes starred at the children and said as she also took the enormous magical bars she did this beacause she was not supposed to chuck that of the castle "Fee fie foe fee I think these bars belong to me" Mia gasped .

" Oh no they don't !" Nim said as she punched the hideous woman's tummy . She dropped the bars and fell to the dusty floor with a THUMP! The city was so dusty no-one could see anything.

When the ash like dust had gone so was the giant but the bars were still there. Jack moved his ginger hair out of his freckle full face and so did Nim. It was getting dark and it was Nims , Jacks and Mia's bed time the city lights were lit and peoples home lights were getting turned of and windows were getting closed. All the kids in the street were fast asleep. The tall, green wiry beanstalk was still sat there as still as a statue . But one thing you need to know is the giant might never ever return...

Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter seven

Falling food

One sunny morning, at Goose cover road a cloud had been pouring sausages for two days. I took my galaxy patterned, large school bag outside and opened it up for one whole hour. I took all of the sausages to sell at Down's bakery and while I was there I a got hot chocolate and a delicious, chocolate cookie. I got payed 100 pounds for the sausages. I got a 15 cm skittles and a bottle of Coca cola to take back home.

The next day I went to the park and suddenly a huge gush of hot chocolate fell from the sky!
"Ahhh!" I screamed as I woke up to the sound of sloshing hot chocolate on my house. I sprinted quickly down to the old stone sea wall. I looked up and saw an enormous, silver jug being tipped over the fluffy, white cloud.
"Oh that's where the hot chocolate is coming from!" I shouted in surprise. The enormous jug tipped down from the sky and landed with a thud on the beach. More hot chocolate was still pouring from the clouds.

An idea came to me. I ran to the local junk yard and asked them to follow me with a large, yellow crane. The workers calmly used the crane to pick up the jug and placed it underneath the waterfall of hot chocolate.I sold my Hot Chocolate and I got a magic
bean my mum said angrily "GO TO SLEEP!" tomorrow the bean was huge oh my gosh
that is huge
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eight

The Falling Statue !!!!!

Once upon a time there were two boys named Michael, who had grey black hair and his friend Marsh, who had white curly beautiful hair. They were living in a hotel called Miles Arms, which had bright blue smooth walls and the roof was made out of thin straw, which sometimes blew off when the wind got strong and gusty. In their room, Michael and Marsh were sleeping like babies, all nice and warm.

One day, the two boys wanted to explore the very dark,gloomy and murky forest which was just down the street so they could get know the landscape better than their friends. They hiked to the middle of the forest where it got very spooky and that's where their 'brave' friends were patiently waiting for them at a dead end.

All of a sudden, a gigantic statue came out of know-where, falling like a meteor and landed on Michael's legs. Michael screamed in a high pitched voice "Argh! Argh. My legs are broken, someone get this statue off my legs! he sounded like a girl. Panicking, his friends slowly and carefully removed the statue and gently lifted Michael off the dirty, rocky forest floor. It seemed to take forever to reach the hotel, but once there an ambulance was soon taking him off to hospital.

Three hours later, the doctors finally completed the bloody operation which was disgusting, poor Michael had to have his smashed bones screwed back together. Marsh asked the doctor "will Michael be okay?"
the doctor answered "yes we finished but he will have to use a wheel chair back home, because he won't be able to put any weight on his legs for six weeks!"
"Thank you doc." replied Marsh

The next day, Marsh went alone to the very dark, spooky and murky forest. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a wolf, who looked like a big husky dog, jumped out of the dark green bush and sank his sharp, pointy fangs into his left hairy leg. Something else bit his right leg but then it spoke saying worriedly "oh i'm sorry i'm always aggressive to people like you.

One hour later, Michael finds Marsh bleeding on the floor but just in time he was saved but he has to ride in a modern metallic white wheel chair so he cant drive in a car or get food from ASDA.

Finally, the forest down the street is filled with mysteries things like talking wolfs and a
Chinese statue as if by magic it disappeared that has never be found some say its a myth some say its a legend but that is another story for another day.

Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter nine

The Giant Chair Falls From The Sky

One day Laura who had purple hair tied back in a flower bow a long black flower dress with pink flip flops, Bradley who had lightening blue eyes, a pink top, ripped blue jeans lived in a house above their work. You would love to eat there because you get the fabulous, shiny food. Someone came in to the bakery. They wanted a bacon sandwich so then Bradley made one and gave it to them. Downs bakery is a good place to have food in because the food is Delicious, fantastic and perfect .It gets busy in there on good Friday.

In the morning, Laura got up and got dressed and went downstairs to work. After 20 minutes there was a queue of people lining up so then Laurel went and woke Bradley up to work. At the end of the day Laura and Bradley went to sleep because they were so tired after such a busy day!

Above the bakery, up in the white, cloudy sky, the giant's daughter who had hair as black as night and eyes the color of green grapes was fed up with all her father's things in the way in her ancient castle. So she decided to get rid of his stuff and threw a giant chair off the cloud castle! BANG!!!!
Everyone jumped because it was very early in the morning.
"What was that?" said Laurel.
Bradley replied, "I don't know!"
So then they both went outside.
The queen said, "Hi."
laurel said, "Come down it is not safe up there!"
Laurel did not know it was the giant queen because she was so high up on the cloud she looked normal size even though she was actually huge.
Then laurael and Bradley went and got a strong and long rope and tied it to the chair and put it on a lorry and pulled it out. They asked the giant queen if the chair was hers and she said yes but she didn't want it.
Laurel and Bradley decided to keep the chair in their bakery so the if people want to have food some one can sit in it.

The End
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter ten

I Hate Smilers

Once a upon a time a Reindeer called white heart called Mary lived in a cave in wood well by her self. Then the next day she went out of her cave and have a fresh air then she went to see her friends in home farm then when she got there she saw her friends haven there fest so she went inside and eat seeds. Then suddenly she heard a Big Bang!!!!!. Then Mary went out and investigate what was that big bang and when she went out she saw a enormous mirror stuck on top of a house then the ten reindeer flied up in the sky and when they got there they all tried to pull the mirror so they got it out and put it in the recycling and then they went happily to there home then they ate there food.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eleven

The End

The giant's daughter was enjoying her minimalist decor of the west wing as her servant brought dinner of beans on toast.

She took one bite and the dry white processed toast made her pine for her fathers old mill to run again; the mill which ground the flour and made incredible breads, pastries and pies for all the sky castles for as far as the eye could see. Oh what she would do for a Welsh cake right now (made with real Welsh choral singers of course!)

But at that very moment a grounds man servant was lifting a massive family crest painted on a shield to throw off the ramparts. Through the window she glimpsed the motif of mill wheel and Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum! written in a banner across the top.

No, not that she thought beginning to regret all those old artefacts which she had ordered to be thrown off. Running through the castle she caught the servant just in time as the shield teetered on the edge.

'Stop!' She shouted and it was saved in the nick of time.

Now, where are the keys to the mill house, I've had enough of cheap breads made with grain, it's time we renewed our family history and got back into grinding and baking!

But for the mill wheel to turn again, she would have to find some human bones to grind, so she commanded the castle navigator to take them down. As cloud castle descended it became foggy on the ground below. So thick was the fog the castle created people used to call it a pea-souper!

'Navigator, where are we?' She asked. 'Yorkshire I believe, my lady' came the reply. 'Great we'll have to bake some proper Yorkshire puddings, with extra gravy too.'

So she sang, in her lady giants voice ready for the mill wheel to turn once more.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread
Chapter twelve

Further thoughts

Which was your favourite clue? Which was really hard and could have been done better?

So what will happens next in the story as Cloud Castle has just landed in Yorkshire?

From the gallery, which artefact would you choose to be thrown off Cloud Castle?
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