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Giants Daughter Ruby

These stories have been written by pupils from Severn beach primary school.

The Giants Daughter by

Aoibhinn, Archie, Alfie, Callum, Keegan, Laila and Marleigh.

The giant had been slain years before and his daughter, the heir of his estates has finally decided to move back in. She is going to take control by turfing out all the old fusty decorations and throw them off cloud castle ramparts, to the Seven estuary far below.

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Go to the suitcase sculpture in Severn Beach village for this trail to begin.
Chapter one

The Giant's Daughter

The Giant's daughter hated the castle she had inherited after her father fell off the beanstalk. He was a cruel man who took pleasure in singing the old family song

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread

And bread he baked, but more than this he also baked cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes which she still missed. He was famous across the sky for his Belgian buns ( made with real Belgians of course) and French stick loaves ( made with French cyclists legs) and Cornish pasties ( made with Cornish miners)

But to be honest she was pleased to have the castle to herself, it was time she made some changes and over the next few days she decided to clear the castle of all the old junk which her father had hoarded.
Chapter two

So she ordered

So she ordered the servants to clear out the west wing and haul all the furniture and decorations outside and place them on the castle drive. She looked at it all, swords, shields, tapestries, paintings and without a twinge of regret nodded to the servant to begin.

Then the giant's daughter got to work revamping the west wing, she plastered and painted throughout, all white and bright, none of the old dark fusty colours. The halls became sleek and modern, open plan with sparse pieces of black leather furniture interspersed with coffee tables and angle poised lamps. Magazines of stylish interiors were neatly piled everywhere and centrally in the room stood a very large curved TV.

She sat down in one of her new chrome edged recliners with a view across a gently rolling cloudscape, from here she could clearly see the servants struggling with the furniture as they took piece after piece to the edge then pushed it off to litter the land below.
Chapter three

This is what happened

And this is what happened far below on the land and estuary around Severn Beach.
Walk to the sea wall and then south (put the sea on you right.)
Chapter four

The Rose

One beautiful day, Clayton was walking about the old, creaky Shepherdine farm which is a farm where the shepherds eat. He was walking all day, 'time to eat, mate' said Claytons friend. It was Andrew and his father was a Saint. They all had a delicious meal, then the went to bed.

The next day, he went to strawberry line to see the beautiful line( made of strawberries.)He stayed for a hour or 2. In that hour the space black ravens ate the strawberries.Then they used a huge, tall and thin mettle pole that they pulled out of the bag. Then he walked home.

Up, up, up in the light, misty air, is were 2 giants lived. One of them was a mean and collective. The other one was a mean and into modern things, she was the daughter. the girl wanted to do a clean up but her dad wouldn't let her. She is going to do this when her dad was out.

She put her silver jacket on with her dark clothes and ordered her servants to chuck all of the old, rusty, cracked things out with her nasty lips. Her freckled facial expressions were unpleasant. Her dad's magical rose was a rather pleasant view from far away. That is why it was saved for last.

As the objects flew down people were getting hurt by these enormas possessions. Book after book, chair after chair until it was the roses turn. The girl hesitated, " Wait, wait! don't through my dad's magic rose,it's presios!" So they didn't.

As they stopped, there mouths dropped wide open. "What is wrong?" she asked. But what she didn't notice is her dad was right behind her.
"Why are you throughing my things of the cloud! I'm gonna chase you!"
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" the girl screamed.

To resolve this problem she shouted," I'll make it up to you i'll bake real Yorkshire pudding out of Yorkshire men!"
The dad replied,"OK dokey."The giant's face was as red as a ruby.

The moral behind this story is don't throw your friends things away without asking.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter five



In a magical place called spring field. Every one is jolly and theres one place were every one is happy. spring field park. Its got its name because its always spring.There rain forests flowers and its lush. In the park and its sunny, up above the clouds theres a castle with artifacts and a nother thing a giant and makes and when the giant got someone he said

"uh excuse me"

"the door swang open and a parent came."

"uh excuse me uh dude why am i wearing this 60's junk"

"uh thanks MUM"

But he got angry because his food didn't taste good so he knocked every thing over.he made a mirror fall of the cloud. As fast as lightning it landed but nobody noticed it.

All of sudden the sun beamed down on the mirror. the light beamed on a tree and got set on fire when people moved it it made it spread every one screamed "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" they tried to call fire men but it burned the telegraph pole. And burned all of the flowers and houses.

1 day later,the flowers are all burned no trees and no buildings. a couple days later the flowers started to grow same with the tree the buildings were started to get built.
One month later it was the same again.

One breezy night when people were still awake. there was a glistening object in the sky everyone thought it was a shooting star they were wrong it blasted down SMASHHHHH!!!!!!
It hit the ground what ever touched it will melt they tried to brake it the hammer melted. when they got a sledge hammer and it broke. in side was a mysterious egg they left it there. all of a sudden it hatched in it was a dinosaur. It was mad it was collecting people for the giant

The people called the S.W.A.T they were shooting it it didn't harm it. They had one idea they went to the truck and got grenades they went back to the dinosaur and lobed the grenade BOOOOOOOOOOOOM the place shook it got blown to shreds every one was happy but they didn't realized it laded eggs cracked.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter six


One bright morning, St George and Eve wanted to stay in Shirehampton for the week because they enjoyed the countryside.

St George and Eve loved strawberries and trains, so they got on the strawberry train. The very bumpy train journey to Shirehampton seemed to last a long time but finally got off the train and went to the hotel. The modern, huge building was located on the edge of a midnight black, very gloomy forest. Near the hotel, there was a small entrance space amongst the twisted tree branches.
Inside the hotel, they went to the bar to get a strawberry sandwiches which were as red as a ruby. While St George and Eve were waiting patiently for a strawberry sandwich they went to the game zone to play a game of crossy road. On the other side of the room, the fat and ugly Giant sat on the the rusty, old chair and table waiting impatiently for her strawberry pizza with a bottle of green slime. She wanted to eat the food then go and play with her son.The pizza she had ordered was shaped like a ball covered in bright pink ham and soft, red strawberries. One hour later, the strawberry pizza came to fat, ugly giant. She took one huge slice and chewed it two times and spat it out. She went to the window and chucked half of the pizza down.

so they refunded the strawberry sandwich and tried to escape

but it was to late! the other half of the pizza made the front part of the hotel fall in front of the door

luckily they know how to climb so they climbed to safety


Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter seven

Michael The Magician

Once upon a time there was a giant named shire and she lived on a big,grey cloud in a enormous golden castle and she made the castle more improved by pushing all the things that she thought were boring, off the moody cloud- such as threadbare cushions,an old very spiky dirty toothbrush.

One of those things was a magical mirror.

The magical mirror is called George, and he was pushed off the grey cloud whilst screaming 'don't don't, don't push me oooffffffffffffff' and the mirror fell down and down into Severn Beach Primary Schools roof. It smashed into many thousands of pieces and the children which were in the classroom had little pieces of magical glass embedded in their skin.

One child had a lot of magic and his name was Michael, but his friends called him Michael the Magician and the whole world knew him for his tricks. But all that magic embed in his skin made him dream all the adventures the mirror has had over its lifetime. This was the most common one that he saw in his minds eye.

One day he came face to face with a massive magical bean stalk.

'OMG its massive' Michael said in a cockey voice ' I definitely have to climb that, so he took a deep breath and began to climb.

Higher and higher he climber then after 5 hours he made it all the way to the top. Up there he found an enormous golden castle and guarding it was two green skinned fat troll like giants. They were both wearing muddy ripped tops with no trousers on, but they did have moldy old under pants thankfully!

Michael made his way into the bone crushing giants dark castle, and the only way to get in was to dig a hole beneath the castle wall.

But then the story faded away from is minds eye and Michael was back in Severn Beach Primary School

The end
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eight

Party Time

One sunny day, the giants daughter got a bow and the feather of the feather of the bow is a sandpiper bird feather.In the middle of the bow is wood and emeralds. She is chucking one of her blood blister mirrors to kill people so she can make a leg pie she also caught a lamp. A massive hole appeared in the cloud the pie stank like rotten fish it was a whole plait full of the pie.

She sent a card to her grandpa and it finally arrived it said " please can you come to my house and eat pie with my friends and me please can you come" her grandpa sent her a message saying "yes i will come" and she sent. "OK my friends are coming" She looked in her pocket to see if she had any gold but she had three pieces of gold and five people are coming to the party so i went to get more gold. Because her mum and dad wanted some gold as well she went to her friends so she can pick up her friend she arrived at her friends house and said "i am getting her some gold " and her friend said "indeed" she is coming home with me to get more gold they arrived at the place were you get gold called the magic stone place it is full of gold her friend said "wow this is awesome can i come here another time" she said in a surprised voice. "Yes sure but ask me or come with me" and her friend said "OK but lets get some gold and hurry up because it is almost 10:00 when the party starts get the gold and lets get out of here ." "OK i have the gold lets go." And they got home in time and the party just started there. Was enough gold for five people and for her grandpa the party finished in the morning they were all sleeping then they woke up and went home and all had a nice day.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter nine

The Church Tower.

One bright, early morning, the King, who had a large, comfy orange bed, a giant golden mirror and an enormous crystal chandelier in his magnificent bedroom, was just beginning to move like a slithery snake as the sunlight crept upon his body.

The king, who was feeling fresh after a good nights sleep, got out of bed and brushed his teeth to keep them sparkly clean. He looked out of the large window and spotted a giant mirror falling down from a fluffy, white clouds. The mirror fell onto the look-out tower, making a horrendous noise CRASH! but luckily only creating a small hole!
The King stated " my guards can fix it, after all, it's only smashed a bit of my castle. They are more than able to repair it".
Immediately, the guards got their tools and started work on repairing the tower, BANG, BANG, BANG went the hammers. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP was the noise of the broken bricks made as they were thrown down onto the ground below.

The next day, the King found the mirror whilst he was strolling through the old, crooked trees. "Umm" he said softly and looked into the mirror but didn't see himself, instead he saw a tall,rich man staring back at him!. The rich man was looking around.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter ten


One sunny day, I was on my way to a birthday party when, as if by magic a dinosaur skull fell down from the sky. It slammed into the road right in front of my car. I punched the brakes and the wheels screamed like a hideous monster. Clouds of black horrid smelly rubber smoke ballooned as the car drifted into the giant dinosaur skull.

I was propelled out of my seat, right through the glass window and into the ancient fossil jaw of the giant T Rex.

Then I got stuck inside the giant teeth. I felt squished and sad. I tried to get out of the giant
T Rex but I couldn't get out of the teeth because I was to weak. Luckily, I had a giant fire hammer so I whacked it on the giant T Rex then it smashed and I got out of the terrifying teeth.

"That was dreadful!" I shouted angrily. I looked up in the very dark, stormy sky and wondered where the huge, cloud white skull had come from. I walked to the museum and I looked around and there was a massive hole in the ceiling because the rest of the large dinosaur skeleton had come crashing down here.

I went and found the manager of the museum and said, "The roof is broken because a dinosaur fell out of the sky and it crashed into your museum!" I said worriedly.lane I showed the man the roof was broke and he was so angry
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eleven

The End

The giant's daughter was enjoying her minimalist decor of the west wing as her servant brought dinner of beans on toast.

She took one bite and the dry white processed toast made her pine for her fathers old mill to run again; the mill which ground the flour and made incredible breads, pastries and pies for all the sky castles for as far as the eye could see. Oh what she would do for a Welsh cake right now (made with real Welsh choral singers of course!)

But at that very moment a grounds man servant was lifting a massive family crest painted on a shield to throw off the ramparts. Through the window she glimpsed the motif of mill wheel and Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum! written in a banner across the top.

No, not that she thought beginning to regret all those old artefacts which she had ordered to be thrown off. Running through the castle she caught the servant just in time as the shield teetered on the edge.

'Stop!' She shouted and it was saved in the nick of time.

Now, where are the keys to the mill house, I've had enough of cheap breads made with grain, it's time we renewed our family history and got back into grinding and baking!

But for the mill wheel to turn again, she would have to find some human bones to grind, so she commanded the castle navigator to take them down. As cloud castle descended it became foggy on the ground below. So thick was the fog the castle created people used to call it a pea-souper!

'Navigator, where are we?' She asked. 'Yorkshire I believe, my lady' came the reply. 'Great we'll have to bake some proper Yorkshire puddings, with extra gravy too.'

So she sang, in her lady giants voice ready for the mill wheel to turn once more.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread
Chapter twelve

Further thoughts

Which was your favourite clue? Which was really hard and could have been done better?

So what will happens next in the story as Cloud Castle has just landed in Yorkshire?

From the gallery, which artefact would you choose to be thrown off Cloud Castle?
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