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Giants Daughter Pink

These stories are written by pupils from Severn Beach Primary school.

The Giants Daughter by

Kaden, Chloe, Cora, Frankie, Skye, Jack, Madison

The giant had been slain years before and his daughter, the heir of his estates has finally decided to move back in. She is going to take control by turfing out all the old fusty decorations and throw them off cloud castle ramparts, to the Seven estuary far below.

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Go to the suitcase sculpture in Severn Beach village for this trail to begin.
Chapter one

The Giant's Daughter

The Giant's daughter hated the castle she had inherited after her father fell off the beanstalk. He was a cruel man who took pleasure in singing the old family song

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread

And bread he baked, but more than this he also baked cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes which she still missed. He was famous across the sky for his Belgian buns ( made with real Belgians of course) and French stick loaves ( made with French cyclists legs) and Cornish pasties ( made with Cornish miners)

But to be honest she was pleased to have the castle to herself, it was time she made some changes and over the next few days she decided to clear the castle of all the old junk which her father had hoarded.
Chapter two

So she ordered

So she ordered the servants to clear out the west wing and haul all the furniture and decorations outside and place them on the castle drive. She looked at it all, swords, shields, tapestries, paintings and without a twinge of regret nodded to the servant to begin.

Then the giant's daughter got to work revamping the west wing, she plastered and painted throughout, all white and bright, none of the old dark fusty colours. The halls became sleek and modern, open plan with sparse pieces of black leather furniture interspersed with coffee tables and angle poised lamps. Magazines of stylish interiors were neatly piled everywhere and centrally in the room stood a very large curved TV.

She sat down in one of her new chrome edged recliners with a view across a gently rolling cloudscape, from here she could clearly see the servants struggling with the furniture as they took piece after piece to the edge then pushed it off to litter the land below.
Chapter three

This is what happened

And this is what happened far below on the land and estuary around Severn Beach.
Walk to the sea wall and then south (put the sea on you right.)
Chapter four

The Giant Strawberry

One sunny day, the two friends Bradley and Laural were happily working at Strawberry Line. Lots of people were getting on the train and the happy friends were setting out a line of strawberries.

"Oh no, I forgot to feed the ravens, they will be very hungry," Laural called to Bradley.

"Oh yes," replied Bradley, "They will be quite hungry"

After a few minutes, the ravens, that were as black as soot, had been fed and were incredibly quiet. Later that day, when the train was no longer running, a giant strawberry roled out of the sky from the giant's castle! It landed right on the track just next to the train.

"Oh no, what are we going to do?" cried Laural.

She wore a pink and purple dress and an orange hat. Laural was very kind.

"Oh dear, I really don't know. When the train leaves in the moning it will slide and probably crash and then the train be broken. We might not even get any more people on the train ever again!" replied Bradley, this was very bad.

The two friends worried far to much and couldn't think of what to do. "Bye Laural," said Bradley. He wore a red top and green trousers and a yellow hat. Bradley was kind but he was quite shy. "Bye Bradley," said Laural. They went home to go to bed because it was now quite late.

The next morning, both of them had forgoten all about the mouldy, squishy, discusting strawberry until they saw the track.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter five

The Smashed Glass

Once there was a prince a Giant and his daughter. The prince's name was Michael the Giant's name was Charley and his daughter was Shelly. They all lived up in a cloud.

One day, when Shelly and Michael were helping their servants push all the old stuff of the cloud, Charley was still sleeping in his super sharp skull head bed.

Suddenly,one servant was just about to through the beautiful silver,colorful glass carridge
off the cloud but he heard Shelly scream "s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"
"NOOO! you can't push that it's my Dads favourite carriage!"

Just then a huge BANG! came from the kitchen
"Ahhh I was really looking forward to breakfast " whinged Michael.

"Who cares about breakfast!" snapped Shelly.
"Will you all just be quiet some of us are trying to sleep!" shouted the Giant from his bed.

"Right we need to make another one and fast,"said Michael.
"So we need to get a lot of glass from all the windows and things like that,"Shelly told everyone.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter six

The Mirror.

Up high in the very bright, clear blue sky, a beautiful castle was gently resting on a huge snow white cloud , the fearsome giant's daughter's servant was about to push a huge ,antique mirror off the edge of the gigantic,grey castle! The beautiful mirror looked very heavy but was actually incredibly light !

Meanwhile, a long way down below, in a spacious pink bedroom, Holly Musgrove was grumbling about her pretty pearly,silver mirror .
" How am i supposed to use this, since that horrible Ben drew on it with his rainbow pens?"she moaned aloud, unhappily.
All of a sudden , a huge magnificent ,pearly white mirror fell quietly and gently, like a feather,falling from the sky. It landed in front of Holly's old mirror . " Wow !" gasped Holly in surprise ." Never mind . I'll use this beautiful mirror instead!" Holly said happily,brushing her long ,dark,silk like brown hair out of her large emerald green eyes and sighing happily.I'd better go tell Mum about naughty Ben...

Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter seven

Frankie and JACK

Once there was someone called Frankie he was a lovely caring kid he was rich . He lived in the biggest house. I love this house said Frankie had no friends only his parents obviously. One beautiful hot day he went out to play at the park. At the metal park he saw someone with 3 old rusty beans. " I will trade those beans for my dog " Frankie

Frankie ran home and told his mum. "What" said mum
"I thought you would like them."
well i dont."she chucked it out of the window .He woke up and the beans turned into a beanstalk had grown ginormous.
"Wow" said Frankie
"Omg" said Frankie he started to clime the beanstalk. he got half way and looked down
"Oh now."
"Its high up here!"
"My clothes are torn!" He was still climbing up the humongous beanstalk
"Its high up here "
"I wish i had someone was with me."
"But your 11 said someone in the misty horrible air"
" Who said that."
"Me"said a freaky giant
"Fe phi fo fum i smell the blood of an Englishman he may be dead or he may be alive but i will grind its bones to make my bread !"
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" cried Cat-brain
"I'm out of here as fast as a rocket he was out the giant tried to kill the kid with a football on fire! But it mist! It was heading to Jack who was on the seesaw by him self on the the other side the flaming fiery football fell on the other side and Jack went flying
into his old house. He fell and flied onto his bed playing his play station 4! Cat brain went round jacks house and played PlayStation 4,Xbox/1, and DOMINOES PIZZA WOW YOU HAVE FUN Frankie said. do you want to come round my house?
"yes."They ran round to Frankie's house. the door swung open!
Mum let them play out side in the lovely sunny garden.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eight

The Falling Candelabra

Once upon a time, there was a person called Braddly and he had a pet gold crest bird called Knight Leaze and he was fully trained. Braddly and Knight Leaze lived on spring field avenue. One day, there was a giant red brick sky scraper built, he thought he would visit it and see what all the fuss was about.

At the top of the sky scraper, he saw an exit to the clouds. On the door it said DON'T COME IN but Braddly went passed as quiet as a mouse then he saw a giant castle and ten signs said 'go back' and 'beware' and 'danger ahead'. He thought about going forward but got a little scared so went home.

When at home, he heard a massive boom from the kitchen. He ran through but no one was there, but in the kitchen was a terrible mess, broken tiles and plaster was everywhere and in the ceiling a huge hole so big he could see the sky through it.

In the middle of the room was a large silver candelabra with a lots of candles on it (incredibly still lit) and they were shaped like little knights.

What was he going to do now.

But as he stood he watched the candles flicker and the tiles began to magically repair themselves. Within minutes the hole was as good as new, and he even had a new central lighting feature which, if he asked it nicely it might even grant a few of his wishes.

But that's another story.

The end.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter nine

The Trex Bed

One sunny evening, the melting sun was slowly setting so the sky was turning a beautiful orangey red colour. The giant's daughter who was going through her dad's stuff she found his stone bed that had Trex teeth coming off the top she muttered "I don't need this . " she took it out onto a white cloud and left it there and got more things then the giant's daughter tied her long curvy brown hair into a high pony tail and rolled up her long checkered selves because it was very hot . Then she went back into the white empty castle it was bigger than before .

She came back outside the sky got dark and the sun became the moon lighting up the gloomy night the stars shined high so then she stopped and went to bed for fifteen minutes because she fell asleep fifteen minutes before more work . The moon became the sun the stars are still shining bright .

Then a dog came out from the clouds then she got scared and ran inside but the dog followed her the dog is as fast as a cheetah so he didn't loose her. The dog was brown like chocolate and it was short because it was a puppy it was eighteen week old ,because it was fast she called him Dash

She went back outside and the bed was gone so she searched but no bed but then Dash her new dog backed away so she stood in front of him. Then a sudden roar came from behind the very tall, round , white castle on the clouds was her dad's bed her long , brown, curvy hair was coming out of her pony tail then her dark blue eyes were watery she kneeled and put her gentle hands on Dashes cheeks "oh why oh why Dash."She said in a sad voice Dash did a little yelp.

Then she put her hands on her dad's bed and pushed it .It fell down onto a stable a girl was grooming her horse until "CRASH !"the bed was on the roof of the stable belonging to Bloomfield farm the girl said " what the stable. " her shire ran outside and reared for five minutes .The giant's daughter cried so did Dash ,Whereas down under the clouds the girl at the stables got her horses saddle and reigns then taked up Jumper her horse and rode him to the paddock down the road.

Meanwhile back upon the clouds she painted the walls and as if by magic she had finished them a cream colour because they were white and boring and she got new furniture and clothes and shoes but she had to stretch them because she had size nine shoes but only one shop sold size nine shoes . But they were closed because the price of the shoes went up so did the rent so the shoes had to pay the rent so they closed.Then she found a drawer in the shop a spider was in the drawer she pulled it out from the drawer and another one was attached to it

Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter ten

The Fiery Football

There once was two people called Michel and Mr jelly and they lived in Severn beach it was a lovely place to live in Severn beach beach road at 21 beach road he loved playing football when they went to play football there mum shouted at them stop shouting Michel they played football like no other children they loved they stunk they didn't care
said Michel to jack i didn't

"THANK YOU Frankie" the next day jack woke up and append to be round
Frankie house then a fiery football appears in his garden
OK THIS IS CRAZY its is crazy OMG I cant believe it
i just cant believe this its crazy OMS we went and played with it it was defiantly fiery when you kike it its heating hot you are dirty call um are you a boy or not no I a girl l hate you jack said Callum

and then a fiery football comes of the clouds and appears in there site and they did not and then they played light it up come on rovers come on you blues this is great by accident kick the ball over yes information jack is some times very enjoying football because he got a season ticket
when his season ticket he gets there he very exited so he can watch Bristol rovers.the first game was against Bristol city in the championship was an experience and they second game was against Manchester united
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eleven

The End

The giant's daughter was enjoying her minimalist decor of the west wing as her servant brought dinner of beans on toast.

She took one bite and the dry white processed toast made her pine for her fathers old mill to run again; the mill which ground the flour and made incredible breads, pastries and pies for all the sky castles for as far as the eye could see. Oh what she would do for a Welsh cake right now (made with real Welsh choral singers of course!)

But at that very moment a grounds man servant was lifting a massive family crest painted on a shield to throw off the ramparts. Through the window she glimpsed the motif of mill wheel and Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum! written in a banner across the top.

No, not that she thought beginning to regret all those old artefacts which she had ordered to be thrown off. Running through the castle she caught the servant just in time as the shield teetered on the edge.

'Stop!' She shouted and it was saved in the nick of time.

Now, where are the keys to the mill house, I've had enough of cheap breads made with grain, it's time we renewed our family history and got back into grinding and baking!

But for the mill wheel to turn again, she would have to find some human bones to grind, so she commanded the castle navigator to take them down. As cloud castle descended it became foggy on the ground below. So thick was the fog the castle created people used to call it a pea-souper!

'Navigator, where are we?' She asked. 'Yorkshire I believe, my lady' came the reply. 'Great we'll have to bake some proper Yorkshire puddings, with extra gravy too.'

So she sang, in her lady giants voice ready for the mill wheel to turn once more.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread
Chapter twelve

Further thoughts

Which was your favourite clue? Which was really hard and could have been done better?

So what will happens next in the story as Cloud Castle has just landed in Yorkshire?

From the gallery, which artefact would you choose to be thrown off Cloud Castle?
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