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Giants Daughter Camo

These stories are written by pupils from Severn Beach Primary School!

The Giants Daughter by,

Chloe, Freddie, Mia, Max, Nuria, Lily.

The giant had been slain years before and his daughter, the heir of his estates has finally decided to move back in. She is going to take control by turfing out all the old fusty decorations and throw them off cloud castle ramparts, to the Seven estuary far below.

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Go to the suitcase sculpture in Severn Beach village for this trail to begin.
Chapter one

The Giant's Daughter

The Giant's daughter hated the castle she had inherited after her father fell off the beanstalk. He was a cruel man who took pleasure in singing the old family song

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread

And bread he baked, but more than this he also baked cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes which she still missed. He was famous across the sky for his Belgian buns ( made with real Belgians of course) and French stick loaves ( made with French cyclists legs) and Cornish pasties ( made with Cornish miners)

But to be honest she was pleased to have the castle to herself, it was time she made some changes and over the next few days she decided to clear the castle of all the old junk which her father had hoarded.
Chapter two

So she ordered

So she ordered the servants to clear out the west wing and haul all the furniture and decorations outside and place them on the castle drive. She looked at it all, swords, shields, tapestries, paintings and without a twinge of regret nodded to the servant to begin.

Then the giant's daughter got to work revamping the west wing, she plastered and painted throughout, all white and bright, none of the old dark fusty colours. The halls became sleek and modern, open plan with sparse pieces of black leather furniture interspersed with coffee tables and angle poised lamps. Magazines of stylish interiors were neatly piled everywhere and centrally in the room stood a very large curved TV.

She sat down in one of her new chrome edged recliners with a view across a gently rolling cloudscape, from here she could clearly see the servants struggling with the furniture as they took piece after piece to the edge then pushed it off to litter the land below.
Chapter three

This is what happened

And this is what happened far below on the land and estuary around Severn Beach.
Walk to the sea wall and then south (put the sea on you right.)
Chapter four

The Lane Brothers

One sunny day, there were two brothers Denny who had a pet turtle who died from lightning and Lawrence who loves football and they lived next door to each other. One had a little ruby red house whilst his brother owns a massive, tidy, neon green mansion. They both have a fair bit of money and a nice car and they both like video games.

One day when it was raining, Lawrence saw something weird, it looked like a colossal mirror which smashed a hole in the street right in front of them.

''What's that?'' said Lawrence to himself so he called his brother

''Come into the street now!'' he shouted

So Lawrence touched the mirror and it sucked him in!''

''that hurt my tummy,'' Lawrence said but the mirror then sucked him in too!

''we need to get the king to stop throwing that stuff of the cliff! less go ask the king!'' denny whispered.

On the other side ''ok let's go,'' Denny said normally.

''excuse me can you please stop throwing stuff of your cloud it is damaging earth!''said Lawrence angrily

''OK THEN SERVANTS! STOP THROWING STUFF OF THE CLIFF!''said the king in a loud voice.

The mirror then scooped them up and shot them back into the real world and they all went home and lived a fun happy life
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter five

The Bell ?

One sunny morning, in 1666, St Mary and St Andrew were walking along Dursley road. They came across a click beetle. The click beetle was camouflaging into the grass which was long and had hay covering patches of the grass where it had been cut. When St Mary and St Andrew were walking along, they saw lots of other clock beetles following them. When they stopped, the click beetles stopped, when they started to walk again, the clock beetles started to walk again. It was like the beetles were going with them, which both St Mary and St Andrew thought was very funny. The road had new, shiny stones place side by side. A while later, they were walked in towards the middle of the woods.

St Mary and St Andrew had found a house sparrow trying to catch a two spot ladybird behind the hundreds of click beetles. The house sparrow's feathers were all different shades of brown. The stomach was light brown and the back was dark brown like a tree's bark. The two spotted lady bird was like a ruby, blood red bug with two midnight black spots, one on each side. The chestnut brown and chocolate brown house sparrow really liked to eat seeds, insects and other kinds of things. St Mary and St Andrew followed the other insects into the middle of the deep, dark and gloomy forest. Part of the forest was light and part of the forest was dark.

In the middle of the enormous, ancient forest, St Mary and St Andrew were lost! They continued to walk, trying to find their way back. Suddenly, they noticed an insect they had not seen before. they couldn't understand what type of insect it could be. They examined its shiny brown wings closely and decided it must be a type of beetle. They gathered it carefully into the insect holder so they could look at it more when they got out of the eerie forest.

As the day carried on, St Mary began to feel worried so she asked St Andrew,
"Are we still lost?"
"No of course we aren't lost!" he replied, telling a little white lie.
Cautiously, St Mary continued looking forward through the forest and shouted "OH NO!"
"What is it?" exclaimed St Andrew.
"We are definitely lost and I don't know the way out!" gasped St Mary.
"Don't worry," Said St Andrew trying to calm her down.
They had kept the interesting insect in the special insect holder that was still there.

Suddenly, a cloud dropped from the sky and in the distance St Mary and St Andrew saw a little Kookaburra. The kookaburra had a blue beak, cloud white body, midnight black wings with sky blue dots on the inside of the wing. Light brown spots were on his fore-head, grey feet and black on part of the toe-nails. The huge white cloud dropped on the kookaburra and he got stuck. St Mary and St Andrew didn't know what to do. They were out of ideas!

St Mary and St Andrew lifted up the cloud with all of their strength and let the kookaburra free. Luckily, the kookaburra hadn't hurt anything as he new the insects language and said it was a Dryococelus Australis. They couldn't believe their eyes because they had never heard a name like that ever before. It was so complated.

A while later, St Mary and St Andrew made a wonderful carriage to fly up to the giants castle and the giant said thankfully, "Thank you very much for giving me my cloud back."
St Mary and St Andrew replied together, "Thats alright, see you again soon, bye."
After that St Mary and St Andrew had a wonderful life ahead of them. They used the new name they had learnt into their journal of interesting insect names. Every day they went into the forest and looked up the new names of different insects in their new insect booklet that is ful of hundreds and hundreds on insects. They also took a picture of every beatle had never seen to put in there scrap booklet with all of the other pictures. St Mary and St Andrew would have never give up on such an amazing hobby.
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter six

The Mysterious Giant Foot

Once upon a time there were three girl's called Laurel, Evelyn, and St Mary. they lived in a small village called Avonmouth.

Meanwhile Laurel was riding her purple, shiny bike down the long, quiet road. At the bottom of the road was a very sharp bend and as she sped around the corner, suddenly there was a large, dark forest. Nervously she decided to go into the trees and when she was looking around, there was a loud BANG! Laurel let out a piercing scream! There was a tiny, chair which had been pushed off of the cloud, which was as soft as candyfloss. It was no ordinary chair. It had carved brambles on it but it was all made out of fluffy pillows and it was beautiful. It was all the colours of the rainbow and soft, cozy, and warm just like a bed.

But when she looked behind her there was a GIANT FOOT ! Laurel said " no wonder it smells here. There were disgusting bugs crawling over the foot and worst of all it had ivy growing on it. It might be old and archaeologists might already seen it. They must have discovered it a long time ago! But I wonder where it came from well i don't maybe it was a GIANTS FOOT! But that will never happen ... or will it. hmm ."hmm
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter seven

The Lamp that Falls from the Sky

One sunny morning, on a fluffy, furry white cloud, in a dirty, enormous huge castle a large gold lamp was thrown off.

Meanwhile, down below in the Severn Beach theater, there was a dusty space where the lamp had been taken from years ago.

The magic golden lamp tumbled down from the sky and landed in Severn Beach, by Downes bakery.
It was the same one which had been stolen years ago.

The golden lamp gently fell down, and landed next to Mr Wood in a really awkward location.

'What are we going to do with it' asked Mr Wood, the lamp was in the way.

I know, said Mr Wood and picked up his phone to make a call. Not long later The Sweaty Builders came to fix it.

after, the sweaty busy builders then when they were finished Michel and Mr wood was happy.

The end


Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter eight

The Tractor

Up in the clouds there is a giant castle. There was a giant and the giant thew a huge silver tractor off the edge.The tractor landed in Oak farm on the grass path. The farmer called Mark tried to move the huge tractor but it was to hard.Then Mark saw giant keys fall out of nowhere. They landed in the key hole to turn on the tractor. When the tractor turned on Mark got in the tractor which strangely turned into the right size for Mark.

Mark had a really long go on the tractor and spent all night on it about in the farm but in the morning Mark was so tired he couldn't stand up.Then he fell off the tractor chugged off into the River Severn never to be seen again.

the end
Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter nine

The Falling Piano!

One afternoon, Bradley and Laurel were at school when all of a sudden they heard something fall down, down, down. All of the children were confused and scared. They all went to the crystal, clean, and see-through window which was white. The teacher went to the sapphire blue window. There was a wooden brown piano ready to be played!
Laurel could play the piano because she took piano lessons.
Laurel had a dress which sparkled and Bradley had chocolate brown eyes.


''Hey Ug, did you get rid of the old metal chair? Where's the piano? Queen Sophia wants to play it,'' Alf asked in a loudly way from the window. Up in the huge tidy castle in Emerson town/Emerson castle they were in.
''Old metal chair? What do you mean?'' Asked Ug
''Yes wait. WHAT DID YOU THROW'' Alf got angry
''Uhh well the ppp piano''Ug replied in a squeaky voice
So Alf went down the stairs to the huge wooden doors to the garden opened the old huge metal chain gates.
"See ya down there,"Alf quietly whispered to Ugs ear
Alf pushed Ug hard down from the fluffy clouds.
"HELP!"Shouted Ug falling
Down went Alf after Ug.
''Oh my goodness, what is that coming down saying help?'' Asked all the children watching the sky from the white window
"I don't know,"Replied the teacher watching the the sapphire blue window

It became clearer and clearer and clear. When they all saw Ug. Then Alf.
They went down the stairs through the halls to the playground so did the teacher after the children.
When they were out there. All of they're mouths were open as they saw Ug and Alf laying there on the piano dizzy.

"Ew they're green!" One of the children loudly said
"They have rusty dirty clothes" A child whispered to Bradly and Laurel
"Where are we Alf?"Asked Ug
"Earth you silly,"Replied Alf
"What about Emerson town?"Asked Ug
"We'll talk about this later Ug anyway you should know this is earth"Alf replied
Laurel felt scared.
"What are you?"Laurel mumbled
Laurel ran to the piano to play it. She gently put a finger then another and played like a bird singing.Though little did she knew every time someone played Qeen Sophia could hear it.

There came a rope. Laurel jumped off the piano and hid behind her brother Bradley.The Qeen went with her long blue dress. She grabbed what looked like goblin in the ear it looked like the Qeen was they're mom.
"How dare you!" The Qeen shouted at them
Up the rope she went with Alf and Ug pulled by the ear. Qeen Sophia went back down.

"What is my piano doing here? Oh right sorry to make a noise um yeah ill have to take my pianoo soooo yeahhh bye!" So she grabbed the piano and...
"Always remember Qeen Sophia children" She went up the rope with the piano
"What just happened? Asked Laurel behind Bradley
"I dont know," Replied Laurel

Continue along the sea wall.
Chapter ten

The End

The giant's daughter was enjoying her minimalist decor of the west wing as her servant brought dinner of beans on toast.

She took one bite and the dry white processed toast made her pine for her fathers old mill to run again; the mill which ground the flour and made incredible breads, pastries and pies for all the sky castles for as far as the eye could see. Oh what she would do for a Welsh cake right now (made with real Welsh choral singers of course!)

But at that very moment a grounds man servant was lifting a massive family crest painted on a shield to throw off the ramparts. Through the window she glimpsed the motif of mill wheel and Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum! written in a banner across the top.

No, not that she thought beginning to regret all those old artefacts which she had ordered to be thrown off. Running through the castle she caught the servant just in time as the shield teetered on the edge.

'Stop!' She shouted and it was saved in the nick of time.

Now, where are the keys to the mill house, I've had enough of cheap breads made with grain, it's time we renewed our family history and got back into grinding and baking!

But for the mill wheel to turn again, she would have to find some human bones to grind, so she commanded the castle navigator to take them down. As cloud castle descended it became foggy on the ground below. So thick was the fog the castle created people used to call it a pea-souper!

'Navigator, where are we?' She asked. 'Yorkshire I believe, my lady' came the reply. 'Great we'll have to bake some proper Yorkshire puddings, with extra gravy too.'

So she sang, in her lady giants voice ready for the mill wheel to turn once more.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread
Chapter eleven

Further thoughts

Which was your favourite clue? Which was really hard and could have been done better?

So what will happens next in the story as Cloud Castle has just landed in Yorkshire?

From the gallery, which artefact would you choose to be thrown off Cloud Castle?
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